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For Further Inquires : Toll Free 1866 550 4447

Mountain Coach

MOUNTAIN COACH Do you have questions about Don’t hesitate and book our Mountain Coach today for! Passport and visa Vaccinations Arrival & departure Tanzania & Moshi / Arusha Equipment Your route Altitude effects & Altitude sickness Weather & climate on the mountain Our guides, cook or porters Tipping Campsite management Porter bag, daypack, packing Physical […]

Safari Package List

SAFARI PACKING LIST Baggage should be of the round squashy type rather than hard suitcases that are difficult to fit into jeeps. Try to use something that is both lockable and waterproof as luggage can often end up sitting on the roof of the vehicle. It should be noted that the luggage limit per person […]

Tips for Climbers

TIPS FOR CLIMBER PHYSICAL FITNESS Although Kilimanjaro is not a technical mountain climb, it is a major challenge, and you should not underestimate the rigors of altitude. Remember that Uhuru peak is 500 m (1,640 ft) higher than Everest Base Camp! The pace of your ascent coupled with good acclimatization will help you on the […]


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